since 1901

京都の絞り鹿の子商で修行を積んだ横田長左衛門が糸の製造と行商を始めたのが明治34年のこと。「価格は一時、品質は永遠」の信念を持ち、世界最高品質の縫糸を目指しました。 当時、長左衛門は少しずつ女性の和服が木綿から絹に移りつつあることに目をつけ、木綿物はもとより毛織物のモスリンや、絹物の銘仙を縫うのに適した糸をつくろうとしました。 綿でありながら絹のような光沢があり、強く滑りがよい事から絹糸代用「絹カタン糸」として販売をはじめます。そして、最高級品にのみダルマのマークを付けました。

It was 1901 that Chozaemon Yokota, who had trained in sell of dappled clothes called "Kanoko Shibori" in Kyoto, began to manufacture and sell thread. He had believed in "Price is always changing, Quality is timeless" and tried to make the best quality sewing thread all over the world. He had made a thread for sewing woolen or silk fabric because he noticed fact that Japanese female clothes shifting from cotton to silk. He had begun to sell "Silk Cotton Thread" with shining, toughness and smooth although it is cotton. And, Chozaemon had given a mark of DARUMA to "Highest quality products."

010 020

ダルマ糸の評判は全国へ広がり、広く消費者に受け入れられるようになると長左衛門は事業を拡大します。 縫糸の品質を決定づける染晒加工にいち早く自社で取り組み、少しずつ機械化を進めていきました。 当初単なる縫糸卸商であった横田商店は製造設備を保有することで次第にメーカーとしての地位を確立していきます。

The reputation of DARUMA thread had spread nationwide, and when it had been widely accepted by consumers, Chozaemon expanded his business. He had worked on dye bleaching processing that determines the quality of sewing threads, and gradually promoted mechanization. Although YOKOTA Store was just a whole seller of sewing thread, they were going to establish the position of maker gradually by equipping production facility.

030 040

販売面では全国の主要都市に営業所を設け、各地域にダルマ糸の代理店会であるダルマ会を組織することで販売網を強化していきます。 昭和26年にはダルマ会の会員数は152社にのぼりダルマ糸の流通経路は全国的に整備されました。

In the term of sale, YOKOTA had strengthened sales network by establishing the branch in the major cities. And they organized DARUMA whole sale association on each city. In 1951, the member had increased to 152 companies. And distribution channel of DARUMA thread was spread nationwide.

050 060

昭和30年代に入ると家庭に電化製品が普及し、家事から開放された女性の間でレース編み手芸が大流行します。 当時、電車の中で女性がハンドバッグの中にレース糸を入れて編む姿が多くみられ、たくさんの人がレース編みを楽しんでいました。 当社も日本ではじめてレース編みの手編講習会を行うなど、積極的に販売を推し進めていきます。

In 1955s, home electronics spread in households. As home electronics released women from housework, crocheting lace yarn had become popular in them. Then, there were often women crocheting lace yarn at the train and keeping lace yarn in their handbags. A lot of people enjoyed to crochet. YOKOTA did sales activities positively by holding a class of lacework for the first time in JAPAN.

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最高級品にのみダルマ印をつける。創業者がこだわりぬいた手縫糸はやがて口コミで広がりどこの家庭の裁縫箱にも収められるようになります。 創業より一世紀以上。手から手へと伝わってきた信頼の印が、これからも長く愛されていきますように。願いをこめて、今日も私たちは皆様に喜ばれる糸を作っています。

Chozaemon, founder had kept on being particular about manufacture of sewing thread and given DARUMA mark to only quality products. Spreading by mouth to mouth, a lot of people had stock DARUMA thread in their sewing box. The mark of trust has passed away from hand to hand more than 100 years since foundation of YOKOTA. We will make thread that pleased with all of you today to let you love DARUMA for long time.