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滋賀の最高峰、伊吹山のふもとにダルマ糸の製造工場ダルマンがあります。朝8時になればガシャンガシャンと古い機械が動き出し、ひとりひとりが慣れた手つきで糸を捌いていきます。 糸を作るのは機械ですが、頼りになるのはやはり人の目や耳や手、いつもと違うところがないか、気を配りながら作業にかかります。

There is a factory of manufacture of DARUMA thread called "DARUMAN" at the foot of Mt. Ibuki that is the highest in Shiga prefecture. 8 o'clock coming, traditional machines start to work with rhythmical sound. And then, craftsman also starts to control thread with trained hand. The traditional machine makes thread, but in actually, worker's eye, ear and hand is much more important. They are always working with care about there is wrong point somewhere. points ? "

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綿花から糸に紡績された細い糸(単糸)が紡績工場から送られてくると、糸をねじって(撚り)太く強くし、炎の中で毛羽を焼きます(ガス焼き)。 糸はお客様が直接手に触れて使われるものなので、太さを均一にするのはもちろん、撚りの強弱や毛羽の量などにもこだわりながら染工場へ送る糸を仕上げていきます。

The thin threads were spun from cotton flower are sent from a spinning mill, we twist and strengthen them to become thick, and their feathers are burned in a flame. Because customers use thread with touching directly, of course we consider thickness of thread, also to the strength of a twist, and the quantity of fluff. In this way, the thread sending to a dye factory is prepared.

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京都有数の禅寺大徳寺のそばにあるこの場所に、糸をつくる上で大切な自社工場がもう一つあります。ダルマ糸をこの地で70年にわたり染めてきた紫野工場。 ここではシルケット加工という木綿の糸の発色を良くし、強度を増す加工を熟練した職人が行います。 手際よく息を合わせながら糸を機械にかけ、苛性ソーダの中で強く引っ張られた糸は、染色後まるで絹のように光り輝きます。

There is one more factory indispensable for manufacturing of thread in Kyoto. This is the Murasakino dyeing factory stands near the Daitoku temple, which is famous Zen temple in Kyoto. This factory has been dyeing DARUMA thread for over 70 years. In here, skilled craftsmen process cotton threads to brighter and stronger. That process of pulling the yarn in caustic soda is called mercerization. Craftsman hang hank of thread into the machine skillfully. After dyeing, cotton threads shine just like silk.

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一度落ちたら上がってこれないような大きな染色釜。シルケット加工の施された糸は、まずこの大きな釜で白く晒します。 糸を染める前には、まず糸を白くすることが必要で、より白い染下晒の糸を準備することできれいな色に染め上がります。

There are big deep dyeing iron pots like maybe cannot climb after falling down. First, mercerized threads are bleached in such big iron pots. It is essential to prepare the white thread before dye. To dye thread more beautiful color, they prepare much whiter thread.

080 090

染めムラにならないように糸をほぐしながら丁寧に染色機にかけられた糸は、染料を含んで数時間後には染め上がります。 水を含んだ糸はとても重たくなりますが、糸が絡まらないように気を配りながら脱水し乾燥機にかけていきます。

It takes few hours to dye after craftsman hangs thread into the machine during combing the thread politely. After absorbing water, thread becomes heavy weight. They put thread in drying machine with paying attention about thread entangled.


同じような糸でも何かが違う、柔らかいのか、光沢があるのか、原料が違うのか、はっきりとはわからないけどとにかく良い。 手間と時間をかけて作られた糸にはこんな良さを感じる瞬間があります。ものづくりの過程を大切にし、お客様にこのような瞬間を感じていただける商品をお届けするため、 毎日ていねいに糸と向き合っています。

There is a moment in which threads made with taking time and effort let us wonder goodness like,  "Even there are something different between same thread, it is not clear reason of charm is softness, shine and material. But anyway it is good."  To deliver products that you can feel such a moment, we cherish the process of manufacturing and carefully make yarn politely every day.